White Hat SEO

Contextual Diversity On High DR High DA and High Traffic Sites!

Before start, let me start with some realistic Story ….

There are two folks Bill and Jim. Both are very interesting characters, both have some unique set of qualities and a different plan of action for different scenarios of life. I will introduce you to both, will put up some real life scenarios and their responses. Then you will decide who is smart / intelligent and who is dumb / loser.

Name: BILL Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft 1 inch Weight: 325 lbs
Name: BILL Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft 1 inch Weight: 325 lbs

Compare Bill and Jim Behavior!

When it comes to Covid 19, Bill always wear the mask and maintain social distance BUT Jim never wears the mask nor maintain the social distance and in result endanger his and other people’s life.

When it comes to investing Bill intelligently and strategically invest in stocks, mutual funds, crypto etc BUT Jim buys lottery tickets and wait for the good luck.

When it comes to racing Bill come with Formula One car BUT Jim come riding bull cart.

When it comes to war or battle Bill comesup with latest and modern weapon like automatic firearm BUT Jim comes with his great grandfather sword. When it comes to web design Bill use modern technologies especially mobile responsive and user friendly design BUT Jim make his website in old and ugly basic HTML.

When it comes to SEO / link building Bill is intelligent and He utilize the power of “Contextual Diversity” because he knows the power of contextual backlinks, unique and handwritten content, Links from powerful sources like PR, guest posts and PBN etc BUT Jim will use old school SEO like crappy blog comments, spamy profile links, shitty spin content and Fu***ng automated softwares.

Contextual Diversity Link Building Campaign!

You know gone are the days of SEO and Link Building when you make hundreds of thousands of backlinks using automated software with spin content using shitty platforms and techniques like profiles, comments, bookmarks etc.

In Contextual Diversity, all important aspects of an effective link building campaign is covered.

Now it’s the era of artificial intelligence, rank brain and stuff. In this era if you want to get ahead of your competition and want to get better rank in Google then you need very intelligent and professional approach. And for that approach we have tried and tested different strategies to rank sites in Google easily and efficiently. Our “Contextual Diversity” strategy comes after lot of trial and testing.

White Hat SEO Packages!


$ 249
  • 3 Guest Posts (DA40 + DR30 + 1K Traffic)
  • 1 Nihce Edits (DA40 + DR30 + 1K Traffic)
  • 1 Google News Badge Approved Posts
  • 100 Premium PR & 300+ Media Outlets
  • 5 High DA 50+ General Post
  • 11 Handwritten Articles
  • On-Page SEO Recommendations
  • Website Speed Analysis


$ 349
  • 4 Guest Posts (DA40 + DR30 + 1K Traffic)
  • 2 Nihce Edits (DA40 + DR30 + 1K Traffic)
  • 2 Google News Badge Approved Posts
  • 200 Premium PR & 300+ Media Outlets
  • 10 High DA 50+ General Post
  • 19 Handwritten Articles
  • On-Page SEO Recommendations
  • Website Speed Analysis


$ 449
  • 10 Guest Posts (DA40 + DR30 + 1K Traffic)
  • 3 Nihce Edits (DA40 + DR30 + 1K Traffic)
  • 3 Google News Badge Approved Posts
  • 300 Premium PR & 300+ Media Outlets
  • 15 High DA 50+ General Post
  • 31 Handwritten Articles
  • On-Page SEO Recommendations
  • Website Speed Analysis

The power of all above mention things are combined together in Contextual Diversity.

When it comes to intelligent working style Bill always try to delegate and outsource his SEO and link building and try to focus on most important aspects of his business like customer handling and scaling business BUT Jim always try to do each and everything himself and at the end of the day messed up everything.

Let me explain you a lot more about this service!

On-Page Recommendations

Search Engines rely on many factors to rank a website and On-Page SEO is very important and need to fix so I will review these factors and more to help identify problems that could be holding your site back from it’s potential. Additionally I will provide a clear, actionable, prioritized list of recommendations to help improve.

Website Speed Analysis Report

After the Core Web Vitals Update, the website speed is mandatory to fix. I will give you’re the complete analysis report and it includes performance milestones like Largest Contentful Paint, Total Blocking Time and Cumulative Layout Shift Focus on the performance metrics that matter the most to your visitors

Contextual Diversity FAQs!

Should you have any inquiries related to contextual diversity, high domain authority (DA) and (DR), or traffic backlinks, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is available to assist you around the clock, every day of the year.

I suggest 1 Main URL with 3 to 5 Keywords for the same domain. You may provide inner or sub-pages as well.

It’s a high authority service so I can’t take any risk on Content. Content will be 100% unique and handwritten.

It includes content creation and manual outreach so the Time Period will be 15 to 25 Business Days.

If you do not receive the report I will issue a refund. In any other cases, no refunds will be issued because it includes a lot of outreach.

Yes, I am offering a powerful, unique, and authority service. However, I don’t own Google so I can’t guarantee a 100% ranking improvement. Let’s suppose if your website isn’t ranking at all, there may be other issues involved such as Duplicate Content, Thin Content, Weak On-Page SEO, Speed Issues, Too Many Advertisements or algorithm Penalty.

Yes, Bulk discount is available on more than 5 packages.