Online Reputation Management

Your reputation  management in Google and other search engines is what you have to focus on in order to get good sales and strapping reputation. 7th Club is among those few SEO and Reputation  Management companies in the world which provides affordable services to remove the negative content, reviews and images in Google. The negative content and images in Google and other search engines are pretty harmful, thus your attention is widely needed for their removal.

We are experts in reputation management (suppression of negative links in Google) and this is not just a claim rather long list of our satisfied clients say the same. The team with us is honest, straightforward and we are less expensive than our competitors. With the removal of negative content, you gain the control back of your internet reputation. Get a free consultation from us by just placing a request on our website.

Today everything is on Internet and before anyone or any company lands into a business or work with you, everything related to you and even about you (whether you are an individual or a business) is checked on the web. Thus anything negative about you or your business on the web would harm you.

What Reputation Management
Reputation Management

You need to be much cautious about this situation and must take steps to overcome it.

  1. The purpose of reputation management suppression services is twofold
  2. Pushing down the negative content including reviews and images from Google’s first page.

Giving you control back of your business name, reputation and your name.

Mind you, majority of the content published on Internet will hardly be removed, thus pushing down this negative content happens to be your only available option to clean up what people may find about you. If you think you need the elimination of the negative content from the web, then contact us to get the quality suppression services.

To make it simple and understanding

To make it simple and understanding, online reputation management (also known as negative suppression service) helps the businesses eradicate the damage caused by negative postings on the web which rank high on searches for the reputation s, companies or the individuals associated with the entity. Removing such content appears to be much difficult, but is not impossible at all. There are two ways for the removal of such content from the search engines:

  1. Through Legal Ways
  2. Using SEO and Social Media Marketing

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Our team of experts will provide their Best for your website.

For Your Reputation Management

Our Strategy

Now you have known about the value and the worth of reputation ing, here we let you know the process involved:


Research and Planning

We will have a meeting with you to discuss about your business and what are your services. What kind of marketing worth your company has and what is needed to have continued growth?

Creation and Execution

On this stage, which is very vital, our team will create your business’ reputation  awareness and promotion on necessary mediums of communication such as social media and online advertising and content marketing. And we will be consistent on this since it is very essential.

High Quality Content

Our expert and highly skilled writers, who have years and years of experience in this field, will write the top quality content to be distributed in following phases:

  • The team will write press releases about your business or work to be published in US based news websites such as Fox, ABC, NBC, etc.
  • Customer reviews will be written about your business or work and they will then be published in authority websites.
  • Short description will be generated about your business or work and then will be used for business citation and reputation  identity sites.
  • Our team will contact the news website in Miami and publish the positive news about your work or business there.
  1. Through Legal Ways
  2. Using SEO and Social Media Marketing

Review with Positive Ratings

Our team has its own system through which they write and publish 5 stars positive rating reviews on your business and they are submitted in Google, My Business, Truspilot, Yelp, BBB and in many other platforms. There will be around 2 to 3 reviews per account in 3 to 6 months’ time span.

Press Release Distribution Among Media Giants

The press releases will be published in more than 350 media publications in USA and by using SEO we will bring them on 1st page every month.


We will create images on your business and submit in Google images and in other websites and then we will work on to get them on first page.

Guest Posting

We will choose the best top 10 publishers and on their websites we will publish our news.

Video Marketing

Our team will create review based videos and animations about your product and business and will create the high quality channel of videos and then work on to take it on Google’s first page.

Reputation Identity

We will use your reputation  name on top 500 websites of the world and this way your reputation  will get positive vibes in search engines. Our team then interlinks the sites with the news which we are going to publish.

Local Business Listing

Your business will be submitted in more than 300 to 500 local business directories with your correct details. This way the authority of your websites in search engines will be increased.

Social Media Optimization

Our team will increase your followers, likes and subscribers of your social media platforms.

At 7th Club

We use both of these ways for the elimination of the negative content that is harming your reputation online. Since we have the expertise in removing such content from search engines, we assure you of the quality and speedy services. In majority of the cases, we are able to remove negative content from showing up in search engines or Google. We like you to consult us for your case as each case is different. We do not charge for the consultation.

7th Club also provides quality reputation monitoring services at quite affordable rates just because we want to help out more people rather than just making money which is being made in the market by the majority of the reputation management companies.

Our team provides instant or daily alerts and weekly reports of all activities taken around your company or brand whether positive or negative.Our team provides instant or daily alerts and weekly reports of all activities taken around your company or brand whether positive or negative.

We monitor all major social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin in addition to all major blogs, the entire internet, and online directories. If any of the new content is indexed in Google or Yahoo or even Bing, We will find it. We have even the fastest tool which let us know about the content before it is indexed by the search engines.

We will also let you have the report on any dropped or registered new domain names with your brand names.

Have a thorough peace of mind with us as we are the professionals and experts in removing the negative content from the web. You just focus on improving your business.

Affordable Business Packages

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For startups and growing businesses, an online specialist can develop a digital
marketing plan to help you grow and retain a happy client base.



  • Creation and Execution
  • High Quality Content
  • Review with Positive Rating
  • Press Release Distributio
  • Infographics
  • Guest Posting
  • Video Marketing
  • Reputation Identity
  • Local business listing
  • Social Media optimization




  • YES
  • 5000 Words
  • YES
  • 1
  • 3
  • YES
  • YES
  • YES




  • YES
  • 10,000 Words
  • YES
  • 3
  • 6
  • YES
  • YES
  • YES




  • YES
  • 15,000 Words
  • YES
  • 6
  • 10
  • YES
  • YES
  • YES


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