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Importance of Niche Edits to Rank High, Its Benefits and Why it is Different from Guest Posting

Niche Edits is no more a hidden technique, as the people associated with the web, and in particular, the people working in SEO scenarios are much aware of them. Their usage has increased a lot in recent times because of the importance and good ranking in the search engines they provide to the website or websites for which this technique is done.

What is it All About and What Benefits Niche Edits Offer You?

Since everybody knows that Niche Edits or Curated Links are the links injected in already published relevant content or articles published on the relevant website (relevant to your or targeted niche). This procedure is done to increase the ranking of the targeted website or often It is called the money website in short period of time. Although the procedure has been around since a long time, but the terminology of Niche Edits was introduced recently i.e. for two years or so. Earlier the term ‘contextual links’ was in use and these contextual links were the parts of link building strategies such as ‘link begging’.
Niche Edits save you from hard work and makes your work simple – meaning that you do not have to write an article or guest post instead you just need to place your link in an already existing article or post. So, you saved your precious time….right?

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RD Based Niche Edits


RD Based Niche Edits


RD Based Niche Edits


DR Based Niche Edits


RD Based Niche Edits


RD Based Niche Edits


DR Based Niche Edits


RD Based Niche Edits


RD Based Niche Edits


Web Development and Designing is among the top notch service being endowed there for the customers. Our clientage is spread all over the world. We believe in quality strictly that is why we have so far developed thousands of websites successfully. Our believe lies in a never ending relation with our customers and this is the reason that our first customer is still with us. Majority of our valued customers are old since they rely on us for their works and keep delivering us the business for all of their tasks.


In the world of web and there is no doubt in mentioning that it has taken the search engine optimization to more heights. You start getting instant results you require to get your business or product noticed among your audience and that too at mere cost. Niche Edits do not require bomb of money to be spent when you hire the services for the same rather it costs you quite less and with lesser cost you get your purpose done. If the website or websites where you have inserted your links already have internal or external links, it will also end up benefiting your targeted website.

Procedure of Niche Edits or Curated Links

It is a common belief that contextual links are powerful forms of links. And when a link is added into an already existing page (article/post) instead of creating a new post or article via guest posting, you begin getting more link juice flowing to your website. The ones, who are experts and have experience in the field of contextual links or link building, seek the most relevant websites and relevant articles for link placements. In this regard, they contact the webmasters for the work. The experts achieve all this through outreach and building a database of website.

Remember, inserting links on authority websites will provide you with genuine and natural organic traffic. Established authority websites or aged websites are more beneficial for niche edits and every good service provider uses the aged websites for this purpose. Place the links on authority websites which are aged and thoroughly relevant to your website niche. What is the benefit for it? Well, the benefit is pretty obvious because those websites already have good ranking in search engines and the articles where you have placed your links have been crawled by Google or any other search engine.

Google or search engines trust authority and aged websites. Thus your website’s curated links (niche edits) on those sites will help you move up in the SERPs. A good service provider will give you 100% real manual outreach link building. The experts have a big database of established, aged and authority websites on a variety of niches to choose from according to client’s niche relevance. Only the relevant websites and content are used – the websites chosen for links insertion are already indexed by Google and other search engines which is a positive signal for all the users on the internet in generally now a days


The majority of our valued customers are old since they rely on us for their works and keep delivering us the business for all of their tasks without a website, a business in today’s digital world is nothing. The fact remains that a business without a website is far behind of those who carry their websites. Remember, a website is your most powerful marketing tool – this is a platform where you showcase your products, services, and everything which you want to reveal to your customers. All kinds of websites are developed and designed at 7th Club either they are static or web portal, our team has a solution for all of your needs


7th Club is a team of high professionals and skilled people who are experts in their respective fields and know the art very well. The customer is the king – this is what everyone knows and applies there. Services like Website Development & Designing, SEO, Social Media Promotion, Mobile App Development and to name a few are offered with aplomb and conviction by the dexterous team members who work very enthusiastically and actively to help the customers grow their business. 


No denying in saying that niche edits hold values and there are numerous reasons why you should go for buying them for your business. First things first that they help improve your organic ranking and backlinks help develop your search engine rankings. With niche edits, your content naturally ranks high in SERP (search engine result pages) if you get links from the websites aptly relevant to your business. You not only witness the improvement of your organic search engine ranking, but also see your site getting indexed faster. This works brilliant due to the fact that search engine bots often follow backlinks from aged (existing/established) websites to discover new pages.

There is another benefit of niche edits is referral traffic. This happens when a reader is going through an article on a website and he or she clicks on the link to find further information about the specific topic. This way you get referral traffic. When people click on the links they have interest in, they obviously become more targeted – this means they will be less likely to leave that page and will stay there for long time. This will give you a low bounce rate. This is the reason to buy niche edits instead of buying a general backlink bulk service. Niche edits make it sure that all of the links which are inserted in content fully relevant to your business (niche) and the service which you offer.

7th Club Welcomes You to Buy Niche Edits

If you interest has developed to buy niche edits backlinks, 7th Club welcomes you with open arms. The company holds big and authentic position in the market for providing niche edits service by helping businesses of all kinds across the globe to improve their organic ranking in Google and other search engines of the world. The importance of niche edits emerged higher in recent times because of the reasons that the business used to get poor quality backlinks with no relevance to their businesses/companies. This is where Niche Edits come up with complete relevancy in links insertions on relevant websites and in relevant content by bringing up results in short time at much economical cost. 7th Club offers you the rates, which you will love to pay for with ease. The backlinks offered by 7th Club have a high impact and outstanding relevancy for maximum ranking potential.

Get Your Website Now

Get Your Website Now

The company with its broad and rich experience in the business of Niche Edits provides permanent and strapping link insertions by delivering higher relevance to niches across a wider range of industries. 7th Club claims to deliver authentic, real websites with higher traffic levels, helping the businesses to take their marketing campaigns to the next level at a faster pace.

The Niche Edits service by 7th Club is not only powerful but also safe and produces quick results by enabling you to boost the authority and power of your targeted website while you just relax and have peace of mind throwing all work load and hard work on the shoulders of 7th Club. The highly expert and skilled with rich experienced team knows its job well and delivers only positive and beneficial results as they only believe in ranking the websites high in search results.


Yes, the experts have vast database of websites and the client’s link is inserted in its relevant website.


Yes, the team very carefully chooses the relevant websites and relevant articles according to client’s own niche and then the niche edits backlinks are done.


Not at all, it costs you little.

Yes, the results are very quick and your website is ranked high in search results.


Absolutely yes, the team only uses authority, aged websites for link placements.


Well, both are fine in their own logics. But niche edits costs you less and quick process to get instant results.

Yes, it is completely safe since only authority and established already indexed websites are used, which have built trust in Google’s eyes. Thus, there is no need to get worried about.

Yes, 7th Club has wide database of websites. And if there is a new niche comes, our expert find the relevant websites since they have vast contacts with webmasters. In short, it is not an issue at all. You just place the order and be relaxed, all will be done by the talented people of 7th Club. Only the niches such as gambling and adult are not dealt with.