Who We Are

We are a highly experienced search engine optimization company with over 7 years in the business under our belts. We have a proven track record with several hundred sites ranked and a satisfied customer to go along with each one. With so many dime-a-dozen SEO companies floating around out there it’s easy to be skeptical, we get that. Here’s how we’re different than the other guys. We work with the system while the others work against it. The system we’re referring to here is of course Google’s ranking algorithm.

While they’re trying to brute force your website into top spot for a quick buck, we’re busy carefully crafting a long term solution to get your site at the top of the listings and keep them there. The problem with their strategy is that they do everything the search engines don’t want you to do, like blasting your home page with low quality links from spammy websites. Sure, things might seem great at first, but these “tricks” only last so long before they get noticed by the search engines. One minute you’re climbing the ranks and the next minute you’re erased from the results pages like you never even existed. By the time you realize what happened it’ll be too late. Don’t take that risk.

On Page SEO Analysis and Why It’s Important

When you build a house you want to start with a solid foundation. If your foundation is full of cracks it won’t support the rest of the house. On page optimization is essentially the foundation of SEO. This is the very first thing we examine when we begin working with your website. The reason on page SEO is so important is because it’s the thing that tells the search engines what your site is actually about. Having perfect on page optimization can be the difference between you or your competitor sitting in the top spot.

On page SEO can be broken down into many components. Everything from your titles, article length, multimedia, internal linking, outbound links and loading speed all have an effect on your on site optimization, and therefore your ranking potential. We make sure everything is completely in order before focusing our efforts on the off page side of things.

Keyword Research and the Use of Anchor Text

Keyword research is where SEO begins. If on page optimization is the foundation, then keyword research is the cement it’s made from. Your site as a whole, and all of the different pages and posts, should all be created with specific keywords in mind. These keywords are the terms for which you’ll be hoping to rank your website. Proper research can uncover low hanging fruit, such as a keyword with a high search volume and very little competition. These keywords are to be sprinkled throughout your content and also used as anchor text for some of your backlinks.

Backlinks (links pointing to your site from others) are widely considered the most important thing for increasing your search engine ranking. The problem arises, however, when you realize that they can also be the worst thing for your ranking. The final result ultimately boils down to how you use them. When creating a backlink, you need to choose what the clickable text will actually say. This is what is called “anchor text”. Creating tons of links with your exact keyword as the anchor used to be a fool proof way to get to the top of the search engine results pages but things have changed drastically in just a few years. Google has caught on and will make you suffer if you try to over optimize. It is now recommended to use anchor text very sparingly, limiting it to only the highest quality links you’re able to obtain.

Acquiring High Quality Backlinks

We’ve already mentioned the importance of backlinks, and the reason they’re important is because Google counts them sort of like votes. The more votes you have the higher you rank. It’s actually a lot more complicated than it sounds because where those links originate from can make all the difference. You want all of the links pointing directly to your website to be as high quality as possible. Using automated software to create thousands of low quality links will only end up hurting you in the long run.

Another important factor to consider when building links is relevance. Basically, you want most of your backlinks to come from a website that deals with the same subject matter as yours. The reason for all of this is to look as natural as possible. It wouldn’t look very natural if your gardening blog was being linked to from a car dealer website. Writing a guest post on a popular site in your niche is one of the best ways to get yourself a nice juicy backlink. These links can pack a lot of power, depending on the source, and are definitely worth the time to send off an email to ask if they’re willing to let you write a post on their site in exchange for a link.

Utilizing Posts on Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

PBNs have been gaining in popularity the last couple of years, and that’s because it’s one of the few “tricks” that can still get by Google if executed properly. A PBN is a group of websites created for no other purpose than to provide links to a site to help it rank. They are generally built on expired domains which have many high quality links pointing to them. This gives them huge amounts of ranking power they can then pass on to your website.

Anyone who says PBNs don’t work aren’t using them correctly.They’re either filling them with low quality content or left some sort of footprint by keeping them all on the same hosting account. It’s important that a PBN looks just like a bunch of completely normal websites with no connection between them whatsoever. You want Google to think theses are real sites with actual interest in your content.

Here at 7thclub.com, we firmly believe in long term strategies, taking the time needed and putting in real work to get you the results everyone else promised but failed to deliver. We’re working hard to get you quality links while the other guys simply press a button on a piece of software that’s sure to send your site into a bottomless pit. The good news is that you found a company that knows better. A company that’s been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. Our main goal is for you to reach your main goal, and we can’t wait to get started.